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“White space should not be considered merely blank space.
It is the element that allows the object on a page to exist.”

– anonymous

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What We Do


At Whitespace, we simplify the complex and understand that strategy-led design is key to creating a strong first impression, and requires a collaborative approach to problem-solving and innovation. From start to finish, we partner with forward-thinkers to create actionable plans, build unique ventures, and develop purpose-driven brand experiences.


Step 1: Background

brand audit

Vision Statement

Target Audience

Customer Touchpoints

Sales History & Process

Products & Services

Team Culture & History

Business Strategy

Competitor Landscape

Step 2: Personality

brand strategy

Mission Statement

Value Proposition

Core Values

Competitive Advantage

Tone & Messaging

Market Positioning

Processes & Systems

User Journey

Step 3: Visual Identity

brand guidelines



Aesthetic Vibe

Color System

Font System


Graphic Standards

Imagery Style

Step 4: Activation

Brand assets

Customer Experience

Business Cards

Pitch Decks


Packaging Design

Social Media Styling

Social Media Templates

Web/App Design

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Who we are

– ivonne aldaz & diego fernandez

We are brand strategists and designers backed by MBAs, a passion for problem solving, and years helping others grow their ventures. Our unique and diverse backgrounds complement one another, and we experiment, develop, and execute projects in partnership with other designers, developers, and photographers around the world – built exactly to match your project.

OUR philosophy