An Introduction to The Journal


Hey, there.

Welcome to our journal, where we share the ins and outs of building a business, crafting effective brand strategies, and empower entrepreneurs to pursue their passions. Our experience helping build businesses and ideas (including our own) has forced us to wear different hats, ask many questions, and overcome several challenges.

This journal is something we have been looking forward to launching for a while now because it is a place where we will share the things that we know and love with you, including things we wish we have known when starting a business, the realities of building and running your own show, and everything in between.

So far, we plan on breaking up the journal into four categories:

  1. DESIGN: Our progress, finalized work, case studies, design tools, resources

  2. WELLNESS: Balancing work and life, how to avoid burnout, increase productivity, etc.

  3. BUSINESS: Our experience, what works with clients, what doesn't, processes

  4. STUDIO: Mainly studio updates, behind-the-scenes, news

Have a question for our journal? We are rolling out Dear Whitespace, an advice column that helps you find clarity for your brand. Ask us anything and include the subject line “Dear Whitespace” for a chance to have your question answered and featured in our journal.