An Introduction to The Journal


Hey, there.

Welcome to our journal, where we share the ins and outs of building a business and crafting your brand. This journal is something we have been looking forward to launching for a while now because it is a place where we will share the things that we know and love with you, including things we wish we have known when starting a business, the realities of building a brand, and everything in between.

So far, we plan on breaking up the journal into four categories:

  1. DESIGN: Our progress, finalized work, case studies, design tools, resources

  2. WELLNESS: Balancing work and life, how to avoid burnout, increase productivity, etc.

  3. BUSINESS: Our experience, what works with clients, what doesn't, processes

  4. STUDIO: Mainly studio updates, behind-the-scenes, news

Have a question for us? Ask us anything and include the subject line “Dear Whitespace” for a chance to have your question answered and featured on Whitespace.