An Introduction to The Journal


We've had a dream for a while now and it's finally getting real. The biggest leap for us yet is this venture right here, Whitespace – a creative agency with a passion for brand strategy and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their passions.

As we built, we came across many questions, overcame several challenges, and want to share what we know and love with you. This journal is something we have been looking forward to launching for a while now, and are thrilled to finally be here.

In our journal, we plan to post in four categories:

1) Design – our progress, finalized work, case studies, etc.
2) Wellness – Balancing work and life, how to avoid burnout, increase productivity, etc.
3) Business – we wear many hats, and figured it'd be nice to share the things we wish we would have known when starting a business. Our experience, what works with clients (what doesn't), best practices, etc.
4) Studio – mainly studio updates, behind-the-scenes, our journey, news, that sort of thing.
5) Dear Whitespace – an advice column aimed to help bring clarity to your business.

If there are any topics you’re interested in hearing about, let us know. :)