+ What is branding?

"Branding is not what you say it is. It's what they say it is." – Marty Neumeier

Every business needs a brand. While companies cannot control their consumer's perceptions, they can influence trust by communicating the unique qualities that a company offers versus its competitiors. In other words, a brand should possess a clear competitive advantage, a strong mission, and a dedication to aesthetics.

+ What is the process like?

It is fairly simple. You tell us what your goals are, the challenges your business is facing, and what is holding you back from reaching those goals. From there, we will provide recommendations, discuss timelines, and work with you to craft the best solutions for your business.

+ What makes you different?

At Whitespace, we not only possess, both, the analytical and the aesthetic components, but we are backed by a robust graduate education, start-up and global experiences, and years helping others grow their business.

We are former Marketing and Finance executives who rolled the dice and started their own business – understanding what it takes to start from scratch, wear many hats, and turn napkin sketches into profitable products.

+ What are your billing options?

Great question. Our goal is to make this a win-win for everybody. Thus, we have flexible payment systems in place, ranging from monthly retainers to fixed project fees . For very special cases, we offer a creative capital option, where we exchange expertise for a share in the value it creates.

+ Do you bill hourly?

Instead of focusing on the clock like most agencies do, we focus on executing projects properly. We offer flat fees and monthly retainers focused on goals, timeline, and the overall scope of your project.

+ Can I speak with you before committing?

Of course! In fact, we strongly encourage it. To arrange a complimentary 15-minute call, please send us an e-mail at hello@bywhitespace.com.


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