We are a digital strategy + design firm with a passion for branding.

Hi, there! We are Ivonne and Diego, founders, designers and creative directors of Whitespace. We, both, graduated with our Masters of Business Administration in 2017, and simultaneously held executive positions in Marketing (Ivonne) and Finance (Diego). On the side, we often found ourselves helping others build their business - whether it was through strategy, design, or finding new ways to increase their bottom line. Then, one day, we decided to put our experience and education to good use, formalize our status as brand developers and business strategists, strenghten our skills, and expand our reach. So we booked a one-way ticket to Germany to complete a Masters of International Business and Economics, create more brands, and explore a bit of the world.

As we continued through our journey, we noticed things were taking off faster than we could imagine, which pushed us to invest most of our energy into creating Whitespace - a place to showcase all of the exciting new brands and companies we are helping.

Naturally, we enjoy working with creative minds and professionals such as start-ups, photographers, architects, writers, designers, artisans, etc. The studio consists of us and a talented network of creatives from around the globe. Our work process has been carefully developed, tested, refined and re-refined to provide you with quality monitoring, pleasant support and optimal satisfaction. 

Please note that we take a limited number of new clients every month to ensure that every project receives the personal attention, work, and accuracy it deserves. We give the best of ourselves to bring all our experience and advice to ensure the success of your brand. 

Throughout the design of your project, we will work together to create a new identity that reflects the style you want in order to attract ideal customers - all while providing a powerful marketing tool for your business for years to come.